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    Paul Mitchell Tea Tree

Experience the tingle of Tea Tree Special, the citrus refreshment of Lemon Sage,
& the soothing tranquility of Lavender Mint. Tea Tree’s natural extracts &
rejuvenating scents will turn your shower into a spa-like indulgence.

Paul Mitchell has been making Tea Tree hair products for a long time & recently
they expanded the line to include Tea Tree Body Products.

Tea Tree Body Products are available in three scents:
Tea Tree Special, Tea Tree Lemon Sage, & Tea Tree Lavender Mint.
These products not only invigorate your skin & mind, but help to cleanse impurities
as well.

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     Women are discovering the benefits of antural ingredients in beauty products
so the popularity of pure, natural cosmetics is beginning to increase. People
believe that natural is always better than chemical based products. Part of the
benefit of all natural makeup is that it helps improve your skin as opposed to
working against it. By adding natural skin care & facial products with healthy
vitamins that nourish the skin, your skin can get & stay healthy.

The skin is the largest organ tha thelps creat the human body. It tends to
absorb whatever it comes in contact with, at least to some degree. So it makes
sense that anything you put on your skin is also essentially being put into your
body. By sticking with all natrual makeup & cosmetics, you reduce the harsh
chemicals being absorbed into your system & enhance your natural beauty
without hurting your health.

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Better science makes better products. The patent-pending formulation of solvents, monomers and polymers is why Shellac™ goes on like polish, wears like gel and removes in minutes. Plus it's hypo-allergenic and 3-FREE... containing no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

Shellac—stands miles apart from others in the market with the science and testing to back it up. Nail Professionals that participated in more than 4 years of controlled, blind testing said unanimously—there’s no comparison—not even close!
To learn more about Shellac please visit: CND.com






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